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Kevin Ware on Crutches; Expected to be at Final Four

A day after suffering a horrendous injury playing Duke, pictures of Louisville’s Kevin Ware on crutches have been making their way around the internet. The message intended is clear–surgery went well and he is going to be fine.

Picture tweeted by Kenny Klein, U of L media director

Picture tweeted by Kenny Klein, U of L media director

The injury occurred during Sunday’s Elite Eight game between the Duke Blue Devils and Louisville Cardinals with 6:33 left in the first half. Ware had jumped up in an attempt to defend a three-point shot by one of the Duke players. When he landed he suffered a compound fracture as two bones broke through the skin of his leg.

“I jumped and my leg felt kind of funny,” Ware told “When Coach (Pitino) tried to help me up, he gave me a funny kind of look. I’m looking at him and then I look down and I see my bone sticking out. It wasn’t a hurt feeling. I just went into shock…

Ware had surgery Sunday night to repair the damage. A day later the star sophomore is up and about on crutches, looking ahead to making his recovery, and playing more basketball.

“This is a minor setback for a major comeback,” Ware told the New York Daily News on Monday. “…This is not a lifetime injury where I can never play basketball again. … But getting to where I want to be and where I need to be is gonna take some time.”

A discharge date has yet to be announced for Ware, but he is expected to be released on Tuesday, and in Atlanta on Saturday when the Cardinals take on Wichita State.

Well wishes have flooded his Twitter feed from a nation of basketball fans that hate to see anyone go down with such an injury. It goes without saying that those same fans, Louisville backers or not, will be cheering for Ware when he does step back onto the court again.

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